Boitier ApeviaX-Sniper 2 Vert sans alim.

Boitier ApeviaX-Sniper 2 Vert sans alim.

Modern metal mid tower with side window

A look from right right angle

Top panel has room for up to two 120mm case fans

Comes with 3 x 5.25" drive bays

A view of the side panel

Inside look of case structure


Model No. X-SNIPER2-GN
Case Material Metal
Color Black / Green
Main Board

Standard ATX / Micro ATX



Power Supply


Drive Space 3x5.25" / 4x3.5" (hidden) / 4x2.5" (hidden)
Motherboard Size up to 11" x 12"
Expansion Slots 7
Front Panel Switch Power / Reset
Front Access Ports 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x HD Audio
Cooling Fan Space

Up to 8 x case fans:
1 x 200mm fan - side (optional) OR 2 x 120mm fan - side (optional)
1 x 120mm fan - front (included) AND 1 x 120mm fan - front (optional) OR 2 x 80mm fan - front (optional)
1 x 80mm fan - rear (optional) OR 1 x 120mm fan - rear (optional)
2 x 120mm fan - top (optional) OR 2 x 140mm fan - top (optional)

1 x 120mm fan - bottom (optional)

2 x Water Cooling Holes on Back Plate

Front Thermometer N/A
Front Fan Controller N/A
Led Display Power / HDD
Shipping Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions(DxWxH) 19.50" x 7.75" x 17.5" 
Cu'ft 2.72'

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