Module Wifi arduino

Module Wifi arduino

Module pin description (pinout)ESP8266-01 PIN description pinout

Pins are arranged in two rows, having 4 on each row. Some models have pin description on the PCB, which make it simple. On the top row you can find following pins from the left to the right:

  1. GND (Ground from power supply)
  2. GPIO2 (Digital I/O programmable)
  3. GPIO0 (Digital I/O programmable, also used for BOOT modes)
  4. RX – UART Receiving channel

On the bottom (second row) you can find:

  1. TX – UART Transmitting channel
  2. CH_PD (enable/power down, must be pulled to 3.3v directly or via resistor)
  3. REST  – reset, must be pulled to 3.3v)
  4. VCC  -3.3v power supply

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