IC Timer LM555

IC Timer LM555

LM555 Timer Pin Configuration

The LM555 timer comprises of 8-pins and function of the each pin are discussed below

555 Timer IC Pin Configuration
555 Timer IC Pin Configuration

  • Pin1 is a GND pin
  • Pin2 is a trigger pin, which is liable for conversion of the flip flop from set to reset. The timer’s o/p depending on the external trigger pulse amplitude which is applied to this trigger pin.
  • Pin3 is the output pin.
  • Pin4 is the reset pin. When the negative pulse is applied to this pin to reset the timer or disable, and false triggering can be avoided by connecting this pin to VCC.
  • Pin5 is the control voltage pin, this pin controls the trigger and threshold levels. This pin controls the pulse width of the o/p waveform. When an external voltage is applied, then the o/p waveform will be modulated.
  • Pin6 is the threshold pin, when the voltage is applied to this pin, then it compares with a reference voltage. The amplitude of this pin is responsible for the flip flop’s set state.
  • Pin7 is the discharge pin, when the open collector o/p discharges a capacitor among the intervals, then it toggles the o/p from high to low.
  • Pin8 is the V+ pin which is used to supply the voltage with respect to GND terminal.

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