Balance 5KG AVEC HX711

Balance 5KG AVEC HX711
Description of HX711 Weighing Module:

This module uses 24 high precision A/D converter chip hx711. It is a specially designed for the high precision electronic scale designwith two analog input channelthe internal integration of 128 times the programmable gain amplifier. The input circuit can be configured to provide a bridge type pressure bridge (such as pressureweighing sensor mode)is of high precisionlow cost is an ideal sampling front-end module.
Features of HX711 Weighing Module:
Two selectable differential input channels
On-chip active low noise PGA with selectable gain of 3264 and 128
On-chip power supply regulator for load-cell and ADC analog power supply
On-chip oscillator requiring no external component with optional external crystal
On-chip power-on-reset
Simple digital control and serial interface: pin-driven controlsno programming needed
Selectable 10SPS or 80SPS output data rate
Simultaneous 50 and 60Hz supply rejection
Current consumption including on-chip analog power supply regulator: normal operation < 1.5mApower down < 1uA
Operation supply voltage range: 2.6 ~ 5.5V
Operating Temperature Range:-20 degree ~ +85 degree

 Description of 5KG Weighing Sensor:
Four leads, easy to use,
5-10V drive voltage applied, the force is directly output as a voltage change signal.
Dimensions: 12.7mm * 12.7mm * 80mm
Sensor through the screw hole at one end fixed and the other end to keep floating state, applying gravity following the direction indicated by label
Particular attention must not directly push the white plastic cover part, so as not to damage the sensor
Connection: Red to E+, Black to E-, Green to A+, White to A-

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