Vibration micro moteur 3V. 70mA

Vibration micro moteur 3V. 70mA

Phone vibration motor is a DC brush motor for achieving the phone's vibration feature, when you receive a text message or phone,

the motor starts to drive high-speed rotating eccentric done, resulting in vibration.


Type: 0834

Material: iron

Size: 8*3.4mm,wire 15mm(L)

Rated voltage : 3.0 VDC

Rated current: 70mA Max

Rated rotor speed: 12000±2500RPM Min

Operating environment: -20℃~+60℃

Save environment::-30℃~+70℃

For: Mobile phones, Pager,Electronic vibration equipment

Small size meets the needs of an increasingly mobile thin fuselage.

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